Altunkaya's highest invested sector, diapers and wipes products industry, by winning the admiration and loyalty of consumers,  is serving the world market with Pipero Baby, Babylook, the Swiss and Potty Bebe brands and is aiming to be the leader in this sector. Pursuing its principles to produce high quality products to contribute to the happiness of babies and mothers, it offers its products to customers in the best conditions. 

Its manufacturing plant Lidersan Sağlık aims to be a leader in the industry since its establishment and is moving towards becoming a leader by its new investments. Along with its new investments equipped with the latest technological machinery and equipment, Lidersan Sağlık is among the largest 3 diaper factories in Turkey. 
With Coffy and Potty brand of diapers located in 40 countries each year mainly in the Middle East, Altunkaya Group of Companies continues to serve millions of customers every day with its production quality and capacity in international standards.

Another product which has been produced, wet wipes, is manufactured untouched still in latest technological machines. In the solution of Paraben-free wipes are not used any substance banned by the Ministry of Health. 

As well as baby diapers and wipes, it has made a name for itself in the hygiene and cleaning products industry. Altunkaya, which continues to make a name in a broad sector from general cleaning products to care products, offers to consumers taste its general cleaning and dishwashing products under Ays brand and detergent products under Pele brand.