Human Resources
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Recruitment and Placement

Gaining into the structure of Altunkaya Group the employees with competencies and skills who will move it to its corporate goals and objectives; Ensuring the proper execution of onboarding process in accordance with standard, professional and modern business management norms. 
We manage recruitment process being aware of the diversity of companies that make up our group and by considering these differences, we expect each candidate to have common values of our Group. 


Orientation training for introducing company culture are given to new employees who start working in Altunkaya. 
In addition, it is provided our new employee to be included in the orientation plan according to the position in the company, and to get to know company employees and the units in the company.  


Regular, systematic training programs are organized for all staff working within the company to develop themselves continuously on knowledge and skills as well as attitude-behavior and personal development issues, and to improve their personal and professional performance.
While planning personal and professional development training for our white-collar workers, in-service training system has been developed at our production facilities especially for blue-collar workers. Awareness training such as ISO, Cleaning and hygiene, such as the Occupational Health and Safety is given to all employees.


Within the principles laid down by the Corporate, balancing the wage expectations of our employees with the expectations of our institution, we consider the fairness and equality of opportunity among our employees.

Our Wage Policy

»    Equal pay for equal work 
»    Balanced wage
»    Comparison with market wages 
»    Corporate justice
»    Performance-based remuneration
»    Flexibility