Altunkaya Group of Companies has started its operations in 2003 with Arimo brand.  Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of all activities it continues to provide quality products and services to the markets it operates in. However, entering the white goods sector in 2012, it continues to increase by folding its current product line, its export and market share it has. In the short term it aims to expand its market share, and to be the market leader in the markets it operates in the long term.

Operating in the Iraqi market, Arimo has a wide range of products with a white goods, electrical appliances and kitchen utensils segmentation. 
Arimo is creating a synergy which will be an example to many companies in the process of institutionalization. Aiming to carry the perception of Turkish goods in the markets in which it operates to the highest, Arimo continues to perform marketing activities in order to increase brand value and preferability.  By providing customer satisfaction and commitment with after-sales services, it is moving ahead with the goal of continuous development and growth in targeted markets.