Our journey began in 1980 as Altunkaya Group Of Companies and continues with the same enthusiasm and the same determination. This journey continues taking concrete steps with our commitment to our values by guidance the strong relationships between us and our employees.

We as Altunkaya Group of Companies, are expanding and developing our business in all fields and growing gradually in all branches of business. We perform our growth targets with operate in a competitive way one by one in every sector. In all the sectors we contribute to our country's export target which operate in exports each year taking place in the front lines.

Under the difficult conditions in the international markets and high competition and continuous instable political and social conditions in surrounding and neighbor countries and instable oil prices and currency rate affecting the world economy negatively we, as Altunkaya Group of Companies, achieved to continue our growth. Deep motive in this success is our power in corporate structure and loyalty in management principles as required by today’s business world and being open to innovation and new developments and our qualified, skilled and open staff and manpower. There are seven sectors of Altunkaya Group of Companies actively working and more than ten brands and trademarks and over than one thousand different products presented to the customers and over than 2000 employees taking development and marketing activities part in successful.

As we are giving effort to contribute especially export goals of our country by qualified staff and manpower, we are also trying to develop value-added products to be more competitive in global markets. In this connection, we are separating a significant source for Research and Development Activities and support and improve knowledge and technology by new investments and supporting human resources.

For achieving the same success in Middle-east and Gulf countries in world market, we analyze each market as per its factors and dynamics and forward our investments and activities accordingly precisely.

As Altunkaya Group of Companies, for maintaining our success and sustainability and become a world brand, we expect more support from government to exporter companies and brands by increasing the supports in Turquality and similar supports. Because it is a reality that behind on all strong brands in the world there are decided and stabilized governments supporting them.

As Altunkaya family, we are proud and happy to declare that our motivation in this success is the love to our country. I am thankful to our employees, business partners, customers and dealers which are constantly making great efforts on our success over the years.

Chairman of the Board