Primarily, in order to produce hygiene components such as Textile Backsheet, Printed Vicketer Diaper outer bag, Bundle Film, Polybacksheet, Elastic Backeras, Side Band, Single Wrap etc. products which are consumed by "Lidersan Sağlık" (Lidersan Healthcare) company in its production of children's diapers, adult patient pads, hygienic pads and wet towel products, "Lidersan Ambalaj" (Lidersan Packaging) started its activities with the organic connection with Altunkaya Group of Companies at the end of 2015.                 

Thanks to its advanced technology, it has the ability to cope with a wide range of products in high quality with production of printing, lamination and ready-made clothing starting from film production in flexible packaging.

In addition to the high export values that Altunkaya Group of Companies has realized in parallel with its mission and vision, an innovative understanding with the production of this product group, which is supplied mostly from abroad, has become even more meaningful with the aim of closing the country's current account deficit. 

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